A Really Quick Start To Set Up Powerful Live Chat


After the latest release of Chative.IO 1.0 beta with surprising changes, our team decided that onboarding is the most important step for new users & new businesses coming to us. More than just a sign-up form, it provides an overall summary of what users can do & get in Chative.IO.

Our team has upgraded our UI and UX to global standards in order to provide a super seamless experience. Not only will users feel it in our app, but they can see it during the onboarding process. We have simplified the app’s powers & key features into 4 simple yet intriguing steps.

So, let’s make your live chat go live together!

Step up your organization

Let’s make it simple – set your team’s avatar, enter your organization name & website. You can then select what your expectations are when using Chative.IO in the list below.

💡 Tip: What if your needs & wants do not exist on the list? Don’t worry, we just suggest some, and you can actually add what you want in the “other need” option. We will continuously add new features that match your desires.

Invite more team members

Enjoy one of our powerful features – collaborating with your team members to engage customers, manage all conversations, collect lead profiles for further marketing campaigns, and expand your team scale in just a single inbox.

💡 Tip: Learn more about how to boost your team performance in Chative.IO.

Set up your first channels

Ready to supercharge your business? Connect unlimited channels that you wish to interact with customers via messaging. You can manage all conversations across multiple channels from one centralized inbox.

💡 Tip: Not only can channels be added, but you can customize your live chat to stay on-brand and be native to your customers. Click on the eye icon and select your brand colors & targeted languages. What you set up will be reflected on the right-hand side.

Learn more about how to connect ChativeIO with your social platforms.

Let’s go live!

Woohoo, you are almost there! This is last step to launch your live chat on all of your added channels. Finish on your own, or call for support from your team members/developers. We leave the decision up to you!

That’s it, you can now use our app to provide frictionless support to your customers at every touchpoint, increase lead conversion, and scale your business. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to hear you!

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